Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cut it Out

 Have you ever tried something on, loved it, but realize that your 8p.m. bed time, kind of makes it impossible to wear anywhere?  
That was me, with this maxi cut out dress. 
But as you can tell, the dress got the best of me, jumped in my shopping bag, and forced me to buy it.  
 Luckily though, there was something going on before my grandma nightly habits, that let me get crazy and wear this sexy thing (keep in mind, I normally wear the opposite of anything sexy, so showing tummy is bit wild for me).
Okay okay Euniece, cut it out and stop playing with flowers and 
let's go to the Death Cab concert!

I think I've waited for this concert since middle school and it was so worth it - Below are some of my favorite clips from last night, just click on the link!!


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