Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Morning Smiles

What better way to wake up on a Saturday morning than by being surrounded by your favorite things. 
Some of my Saturday favorites include waking up to the smell Pumpkin Spice coffee,
 receiving something my xm iPhone transmitter for my car (I know, I know... this is something I should have had by 2007 already),
 melting into the scent of lavender after my shower,
 seeing love in every corner of my room,
 getting dressed up in a leather fringe skirt just because I can, 
 sending hand written positive thoughts full of love, 
getting to wear my favorite boots ever because of the beautiful seventy degree fall weather,
and jamming out to Phoenix all day long <3

What makes you smile Saturday morning?


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

La Quince├▒era de mi prima Briana

There's something special about culture and family traditions that allows for everyone to put aside any differences they may share and come together to simply eat drink and celebrate. We dance bachata, salsa and merengue, everyone helps decorate, some people help cook, while others help put the venue together.  It's truly a coming together of family for one special girl.
In the Puerto Rican culture when a girl turns fifteen it is her time to transition into a woman, and everyone is there to celebrate this special time in her life through a grand party very similar to a wedding, minus a groom.  She has her ballroom gown dress, crown, cake, venue, DJ, court, friends and family, all there to welcome her into the beginning of her 'woman years; people get sexy dresses, hair and make up done, nails done, the whole nine yards'.  You may call it over the top, but we simply call it, a quince├▒era.

Happy Birthday Briana! 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bad to the Bone Brownies

I stumbled upon this gem of a recipe quite some time ago and immediately fell in love.  But held off on making them for the perfect moment.  You know, that moment after you feel like you ran a million miles in a week, so you deserve to treat yourself to heaven, which have a bottom cookie layer, middle double stuffed 
Oreo layer and it's all topped off with gooey brownie, it's that moment for me... and it's also my year anniversary with someone special, so for the record I'll say that I made these for him, not me. I mean, they are in a heart shaped pan so that counts for something, right?

These are SO easy to make, all you need is 40 minutes, Oreo's, brownie mix and cookie mix and you're good to go.  Make them for someone you love, anyone, you're cat, your mom, your brother, your teacher, your boyfriend, heck make them for YOURSELF!!

PS. I am so sorry you can't virtually taste these, because they are incredible.