Monday, November 5, 2012

My sister Elle

Have I told you the story about my sister, Elle?
Have I told you how my parents came to visit and on the day they were going leave they decided to pass some time in the pet store while I went grocery shopping?
Have I told you that when I finished up at Trader Joes and went to meet everyone at the Pet Store, there were hearts in my mom and Ava's eyes, as Elle tugged at their shoe laces?
Have I told you how happy my dad was that we went in the pet store that day and just couldn't leave without her?
Have I told you that my brother and sister were both crying on the day we found out Elle was going to be part of the family?
Ava, tears of happiness.
Jake, tears of fear.
Have I told you how cute, smart, sweet and fashionable she already is?
Have I told you that she plays dead in the dog park when the bigger dogs come around her?
Have I, have I, have I?

This is the story of Elle and how we found the newest addition to our family.
Good luck at puppy kindergarten today!