Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leave a message after the beep.

My blogging world has been put on hold for the following reasons:
1. Panther Strides has taken over my life and I am not complaining about it.  With over 280 people that signed up for my running club at Pitt, I have been plenty busy.  It must have been the Jolly Ranchers that swayed them all to sign up!
 2. Football Season
Enough said
 3. Trader Joes is only 2 miles away. Foodie heaven <3
 4. This girl and our 3 hour dinner/Girl talk sessions
 completely normal
5. Work
As an account executive for the Pitt News, it is my job to sell 'space'.  While I may not have sold lots of 'space' I have received plenty of fro-yo, chocolate, discounts, massage gift certificates, and BROWNIES : )
small paycheck < free stuff
 6. Oh yea.. and I would say studying has kept me busy,
but that would be a lie.
I'll work on that one today.
After I go for a run...
 ; ) priorities here.
 C'mon I have a race in two weeks!

More Pittsburgh updates to come this week!

Who is watching the Steelers today?!