Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leave a message after the beep.

My blogging world has been put on hold for the following reasons:
1. Panther Strides has taken over my life and I am not complaining about it.  With over 280 people that signed up for my running club at Pitt, I have been plenty busy.  It must have been the Jolly Ranchers that swayed them all to sign up!
 2. Football Season
Enough said
 3. Trader Joes is only 2 miles away. Foodie heaven <3
 4. This girl and our 3 hour dinner/Girl talk sessions
 completely normal
5. Work
As an account executive for the Pitt News, it is my job to sell 'space'.  While I may not have sold lots of 'space' I have received plenty of fro-yo, chocolate, discounts, massage gift certificates, and BROWNIES : )
small paycheck < free stuff
 6. Oh yea.. and I would say studying has kept me busy,
but that would be a lie.
I'll work on that one today.
After I go for a run...
 ; ) priorities here.
 C'mon I have a race in two weeks!

More Pittsburgh updates to come this week!

Who is watching the Steelers today?!



  1. Looks like you've been busy, but with awesome stuff! :)

    I'm so jealous of your TJs! There are none where I live, and it's one of my fave stores! Ah well, such is life :)

    <3 <3

  2. I wonder if one of my friends joined the running club! If there is a girl named Tatum (if you knew out of all 280 people!) then she's one of my close friends :) I really hope she keeps running at Pitt! I'm so jealous that trader joes is so close. I have to drive 15 minutes, but it's so worth it!

  3. Boy you have been really busy but it sounds like the good kind of busy though. We discovered Trader Joe's when we were living in California and so love shopping there. We were thrilled when we moved back to the Nashville area and one opened here!! Yea!

  4. It's an unfortunate day to be a Steelers fan...

  5. Your running club sounds awesome--and clearly it's a hit with so many people sining up. I couldn't resist Jolly Ranchers...

  6. Being busy can be very fun sometimes ;)

  7. You have been busy girl! My hubby and I are diehard Stillers fans (haha). Last week was horrific but at least we pulled it together this week. Still, I HATE the Ravens. On the topic of running, my BFF is the organizer for the Wounded Warrior run in Pgh which raises money for injured veterans If you and your runner friends are interested, sign up! Here's the link: