Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Foliage

I adore fall.
The crunch of the leaves under your new caramel leather boots.
The thick knitted scarf wrapped around your neck to keep you warm, along with the pumpkin spice coffee in your hand.
The fact that everything everywhere offers pumpkin anything from coffee to lattes to muffins and bagels and even pumpkin nut butters!
Running through colorful trails throughout Pittsburgh.
Did I mention pumpkin everything?

Here are some of my favorites that will be getting me through this October:
[I just found this peanut butter at Trader Joe's yesterday and it is AMAZING, not only does it taste better than the normal peanut butter, but it is half the calories and 85% less fat! ... you know what that means...some for my bagel, and an extra spoon for me!]
 My mom sent me a goody box from home.... of course she sent oreos, homemade shmo-made
Maxi skirts <3
Best halloween decor ever! miss you mama!

Favorite part about fall?
Any fall favorites I am missing??



  1. The picture of the aspens is absolutely gorgeous (and so is that picture of the Oreos, gah I love Oreos!)

    Is that Better than PB actually tasty? I have seen it numerous times but am afraid to buy it because I just love PB too much.

  2. Aw what a cute care package!

    I love better n pb! i used to eat it all the a can a week. nbd.

  3. I need to find those pumpkin spice kcups!!! Ahh that sounds amazing! I love scarfs and fall fashion. I'm so ready to put away the summer clothes!

  4. Oh what a blessing to get such a great package. Those boots are just so cute!!