Friday, February 3, 2012

Hippie at Heart

Breakfast in Barcelona usually consists of some type of pastry, and not that I am complaining about soft chocolate filled croissants, oh no no no! But I have missed my eggs quite a bit. 
 My friends and I came to a recommended brunch restaurant called 'El Federal'.  An Australian owned cafe, with a relaxed, quaint, hippie atmosphere, serving the freshest ingredients in their dishes. Completely and totally right up my alley. 
 I swear I must have been an earth loving hippie in my past life, because everything fresh, local, and organic seems to call my name.
 Not sure if I will ever get tired of drinking these...or taking pictures of them. Too pretty.
My heavenly dish:
Oven-baked free range-eggs with english spinach, halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, and toast
It's okay you can drool, my stomach is growling just looking at this picture.
 Maggies Dish:
Oven-baked free-range eggs with creme fraiche, bacon, sage, and toast
nom nom nom
 So happy.
 So good.
So gone.

I'll admit, i love food, if you couldn't already tell <3



  1. You make me so HUNGRY!!!!
    Love you

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Niecy! We missed you in the Parkway today! Your pics are amazing! Enjoy every minute! Merrilee

  3. Merrilee! It is so great to hear from you :) I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day, I cannot wait to share my stories with you when I get back home, we'll have to go for an extra long run so I dont miss out on sharing any of my adventures. -Niecy