Saturday, February 4, 2012

20 going on 80 - dont judge me

So I already thought that the people who work at the cafe next to my school, think I am insane.  For the following reasons:
1. I drink large quantities of espresso. Not just one but sometimes two or three very large cups a day...
2. I order a treat everyday, although they actually probably love me for this.
3. I am a freak of nature because I take pictures of the desserts and flowers and drinks everytime I am there.
But now... now that I am knitting while eating the pastries that I took a picture of while sipping on a cafe con leche, oh now they must think I am really insane.  They must be confused on my age, and think that I am an eighty year old trapped inside a twenty year olds body.  And to be honest, I dont beg to differ with that.
I knew I would be doing many different things while abroad in Barcelona, but learning to knit, surely wasn't one of them.  But I am glad I learned, because no activity fits my 9pm curfew personality better.
 Thank you staff at Marti for supplying me with a plethora of treats and coffee, and for not judging me while I knit
: )


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  1. what's with the starbucks cup?! don't even go to Starbucks there, try the little shops, they're a million times better, cheaper, and worth it! <3 e