Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rules Shmules

Sometime I truly think rules were meant to be broken.
Yesterday we went on an excursion to Girona - beautiful city (I am not sure if ugly cities even exist in Spain?) And we were given a list of places to find and take pictures of throughout the Girona during a scavenger hunt. Needless to say, our lack of map reading skills aren't quite up to par, so instead we roamed around on our own, and ended up having the best time ever.  Even though we didn't complete the scavenger hunt, or take pictures of the things on the list, I would say our pictures of our Girona adventures, are still pretty darn great, if I do say so myself.
Everytime I see old couples walking hand in hand, it melts my heart.
Apparently if you kiss the lion's butt, you will be granted entrance into the city without being questioned, so of course I had to kiss it!
 Note: The thought of actually kissing something that the entire world has kissed is quite disturbing, so I faked it. Shhhh!
Besitos from Girona <3 
Oh gosh life is so so so tough. What's a girl to do!


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