Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hangry Hambuger

I was hangry.
I wasn't in the mood to fight my way through hundreds (okay maybe not hundreds, but at least 60!) of people to place my order.
But it was worth it.
Sure it may not look like much, but trust me, it was one of the most simple yet delicious burgers I ate.
This can be biased considering I was starving, but the restaurant was so packed with locals, so I knew it wasn't just my extreme hunger that made it taste incredible, because other people seemed to love the place as well.  I definitely plan on going back though, because with a bottle of champagne costing only 3 euros and it being a five minute walk from the beach, why not make it a regular spot!
Barceloneta is one of the most wonderful relaxing summery places in Barcelona.  There are tons of boats and docks, lots of outdoor restaurants, and GELATO!!!
Yea, I know, I wore the wrong shoes, therefore no beach walking for me!
But that's okay because there was plenty of walking around the stores!
I'm in love with spring 12 fashion.
The sleek and structured lines, mixture of soft fabrics with leather, and subtle pops of bright color.
I would go shopping, but instead I'll just save my money for traveling and simply take pictures of stuff I
I'm being savvy Mom! Aren't you proud!?

: )



  1. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. nom nom nom hamburgesa y gelato! big girls were happy!!! <3 obese roomie