Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm a big fan of...

 walking home from school - my neighborhood is gorgeous.
 I'm a big fan of my delightfully singing roomie, providing humor at the dinner table with her lack of spanish speaking skills, it's okay, you're getting there Adrienne.
 I'm a big fan of fake smiling because I am not sure if the person taking my photo is going to run away with my camera - yikes!
 I'm a big fan of the Picasso Museum - Que Fantastic!
 I'm a big fan of going to Spanish mass, even though I can barely understand the priest. At least the 'peace be with you' handshake still feels the same!
 I'm a big fan of living right next to a pastry shop and cafe.
 I'm a big fan of it being socially acceptable to have a dessert midday, everyday. I mean, I do walk a lot.. so it's okay right??
 I'm a big fan of cafe con leche. 
And I am especially a big fan of walking through the metro at 8am on my way to school, and being reassured, "don't worry, be happy".

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