Friday, January 20, 2012

La Pedrera de Gaudi

Before I came to Spain and would tell people about my study abroad plans, the first thing they would mention was the incredible one of a kind architect Gaudi.
Quite honestly, I never understood how a man could be such a genius for creating buildings; but today, I finally understood.  It's more than just a building in the middle of a city; rather it's a piece of artwork, a large sculpture, a usable masterpiece. You can see why.

He is famous for creating unique buildings which curve and bend in ways other artists didn't think of.
By wanting to bring the round trunks of the trees, the swerving edges of seaweed, the twisting husks of corn, all to the city through his work. He would even hang chains as seen above, have a mirror below, and would emulate the concave shapes of the chains as though they were defying gravity. 
After an overload on Gaudi, I ended the day with the ocean and palm trees.
Not too shabby.


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  1. Not shappy at all!!! Glad you are enjoying yourself.
    Love you