Saturday, January 14, 2012

Madrid Parte II

It's amazing the things you see,
history you learn,
and people you meet when you travel.
The Royal Palace of Madrid
St. Nicholas Church
(The Real Santa Clause)
Plaza Mayor - Home of Madrids's Cloistered Nuns
I cant go anywhere without taking food pictures
My first look at Picasso
My first bocadilla experience.
Also my first experience of 'throwing my trash on the floor' .
(There are little areas on the floor where you through your trash, I felt like a litter bug!!)
Studying abroad in a foreign country can be really difficult, especially for someone like me who is so close with her family and friends back home.  But half of the excitement about traveling is meeting new people, hearing their stories, while drinking and eating wine and tapas of course! Life is truly all about who you meet.

Hasta Luego Madrid.... ahora a Toledo : )


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