Saturday, January 14, 2012


Since this is my first time in Europe and first time truly traveling in general, I never really know what to expect when I get to certain places.  Sure you can look at pictures through a book or online beforehand; and sure people can tell you what it was like when they went, but the truth is, you never really understand the beauty of a place until you see it with your own eyes. 
Before we got to Barcelona our last stop was Toledo; a city so old, that no one knows exactly when it first started, but they believe it was around the Bronze Age. This small quaint city was built as a place of safety and sanction, so surrounding it are rivers and the only way to enter is by bridge.
While pictures may say a thousand words, they don't do this incredible place, full of life and history, justice.   
These shackles were placed on the walls of the Monastary of San Juan de los Reyes, to represent the freedom of the Christians from slavery in the wars with the Moors.  It is so crazy to think that those shackles were actually wrapped around someone.  
Everything is so ornate and unique in Toledo.  You can tell so much love was put into make these places of worship.
 These boots were made for walkin'.
 As a new traveler, everything I see impresses me.  Every person I meet, every cute alley I come upon, and the construction on every building always seems to blow my mind. So I am always that girl in the tour group going 'wow'.  As soon as I turned the corner I saw this incredibly detailed Cathedral (The Primary Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo), and my 'woah' had everyone's head turn toward me. Oops! I am a total tourist.
 I cant even begin to explain to you  how much bread I have eaten since I have been here.  Not going to lie though, Bocadillas Espanolas hit the spot. 

All in all Toledo was one of the most beautiful cities I have laid eyes on.  The history of this place is so rich.  I am glad we stopped here before settling down in Barcelona, because all you really need is a day here.  See you in Barcelona!!



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