Thursday, August 11, 2011


what goes around comes back around - especially in fashion
fact: you can not hum if you  hold your nose closed
fact: i tried the above fact at work today and sounded like a frog
fact: the above automatically made me the coolest intern at work
fact: im the only intern at my company...
fact: i'm loving the seventies fall fashion vibe in Forever 
fact: i broke my "i'm not spending money on clothes, and only spending money on memories and trips" rule, last week :(
fact: i'm not ashamed - it was totally worth it

 if only my mother would have save all of her corduroy threads from her teen years..

fact: i'm only 5'2 - so I hear a pair of Platforms calling my name this fall : )

any suggestions where to get some cute ones?
what are you feeling for this fall?



  1. Haha--I definitely just tried humming while holding my nose closed. Too funny!

  2. I totally just tried humming with my nose made me laugh out loud! Love love your new clothes! I wish I had the fashion sense and boldness to wear such cute things.

  3. fact: you need to tell me where you got all of these clothes. asap.

  4. Yup, I like the rest tried humming and holding my nose...haha. As far as the platforms, check out DSW if you have one near you.