Sunday, August 21, 2011

donuts > birthday cake

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday dear Euniece
happy birthday to me

Today is my life anniversary as my dear yogi friend put it in such a lovely way.  I am officially a twenty year old, where have the teen years gone?! And to make time fly even faster, I am already back at Pitt going into my junior year, getting into my routine, and am already finding cute little food shops on day one - with the help of my mom of course!!

Today while meandering around campus we stumbled upon this cute little shop - and with a name like 'Peace, Love and Little Donuts' I immediately had to go in.   It was the cutest donut shop I have ever seen; and I am not saying this because I am a donut lover, oh no, no no...because to be honest...
1. Donuts don't fill me up - so I never understood eating them for breakfast
2. & if I am going to eat a sweet dessert, there is no way I would ever choose a donut over a brownie, come on this is not even a fair contest!
So for me donuts have always been pretty mute in my life,  until today.
 Trust me when I say, these donuts were good  incredible, they had sweet and savory, everything and anything to satisfy your cravings from smores, to apple pie, even maple bacon, you could even create your own!! I ended up going with the tree hugger granola and chocolate coconut!

While my 20th birthday wasn't filled with fireworks nor was there a Range Rover wrapped up in a red bow, none of that mattered - because for some reason, as you get older birthdays tend to revolve less around materialistic things and more around what really matters. I spent the day with my family, eating delish food, and enjoying the outdoors, and for me, that was plenty enough.
Now for the best year to come!


  1. Happy birthday! Good for you, treating yourself to some delicious doughnuts. Sounds like you had a lovely b-day. Sometimes, the low-key ones are the best :)

  2. happy birthday!! those donuts look like they would be enough for me!

  3. Life Anniversary!! I love that! Happy Life Anniversary Eunice! Oh to be young like you again..haha. Recently I just found my diary from freshman year in college and just posted about it. Those were some great years. Enjoy every minute of college life. And, I totally have to check out the Donut shop! Is that on Forbes?