Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All that matters...

I like homemade fresh strawberry margaritas.
They taste especially good while on vacation with no work the next day.
So since I was at the Lake House this weekend, I had one, or two.
If I had to choose between a lake house or a beach house, the decision would be a no brainer.
Lake House
-for the obvious reasons-
You can run through trails, without melting in the sun
Opening your eyes under water won't make you feel like your cornea is on fire
Clouds in the sky ruining your tanning exposure do not matter since you are way too busy tubing, jet skiing, kayaking etc.
Bonfires & Smores. Enough Said.
Bed  head is quickly fixed by a quick dip in the water
You can enjoy the crisp morning air of the forest around you when sipping your blueberry coffee in the morning 
You won't run into any massive waves while Kayaking
You can ride the "Hot Dog" without a shark thinking you are a seal from below the water
But no matter where you are - lake or beach, what counts is who you are there with, because when you are there with the ones you love, that's all that matters.

btw blog loves, my post with waterfall pictures was at a place called Glen Onoko : )

beach or lake
Which do you prefer?



  1. ah you made some good points there! i dont know what i would choose!? i just left the beach and had an awesome time though so im gonna stick with that for now

  2. Your pics are great. I love the way the sky looks. Hands down I'd go with lake house! They're more functional year round, especially if you're near mountains so you got the pretty fall leaves to enjoy, winter activities, hiking, etc. Plus you don't have to worry about getting sand everywhere. :)

  3. Beach or lake? I love them both so much I don't think I could choose! Give me water and I'll be happy ;)

    Gorgeous pictures!! That puppy is tooooo cuuuute! :D :D