Sunday, July 10, 2011

sweet shavasana

"I run to think... I practice yoga to stop"

some may think yoga is boring,
while others may find it weird to stand in a position called tree pose for five breaths
but for me yoga is about letting everything I know go and just focusing on one thing
my breathe
yoga isn't easy
but your practice is truly what you make of it
and overtime I have found that you are able to learn a lot about yourself throughout practicing
but most importantly, you learn to respect your body and appreciate it for what it can do
not to mention yoga bodies aren't bad to look at
--indeed, yoga does a body good--
namaste my blog loves



  1. Oh my gosh, those poses are INTENSE!! I am so unflexible, I can't even touch my toes :)

  2. O, I really, really wish I knew yoga. Its one those things I keep meaning to learn...

  3. i did yoga this morning and it made me feel SO much better!

  4. Agreed. Yoga does a body good, both mentally and physically! Sweet pics!

  5. My bf got me a gift certificate to some Bikram yoga classes and I've been meaning to go, but haven't yet. Those poses are crazy cool! Makes me want to go soon!

  6. I love, love, love yoga. Though sometimes when I'm in a pose, I have to keep reminding myself that. :)

  7. Yoga is the BEST!!! It has helped my flexibility so much!

    Great pictures! I wish I could do those first two poses. :)


  8. love that's the exact reason why im going to a yoga class this morning haha