Friday, July 8, 2011

this week i ...

Ran through the lush green woods
 Won a game or two of pong
its all in the wrist
 Had a cookout with the best friends a girl could ask for
 Made a delicious smore with banana and dark chocolate
 - in my oven!
You must try it, the banana seals the deal.
 Lead a yoga class atop the mountain at sunset!
More pics to come : )
Refueled my body with an amazing outdoor bbq dinner - one of the many reasons why summer eating is my favorite!
[Mexican cheese was on the corn, which totally made it incredible, the Mexicans really know how to make cheese]
 Ran a 5k in 95 degree weather & got bit about twenty thousand times all over my body!
I love when people realize they can do things the didn't think they could! Because as cliche as it sounds
you never know until you try.
This week was Ginny's first time running an entire 5k! So proud of my girl! and she didn't stop once : )

& now i am off to the lovely Phildelphia for more adventure <3
what was your favorite part of the week!?!?
any fun weekend adventures to come?



  1. my favorite part of the week was coming to your 5k of course :-)

  2. I love your blog Euniece. You are such a bright, lovely and vibrant young woman. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. It was fun being at the 5k with you the other night. Hope to see you at yoga. I love the picture of you, Sam and Ginny.

  3. Smores with a banana!? I have to try! Cheese on corn is sooo yummy!!

  4. What a fun week!!
    I MUST try cheese on corn! It looks aaamazing!! :D
    And banana smores?! Another must try!
    Have an amazing time in Philadelphia girl!