Sunday, July 17, 2011

can life always be this sweet?

i mean really, what is everyone else doing...

as Sam put it, who cares. 

and really - when you are at a place like this
who does care?
there's simply no reason to have a care at all....


...until you come back to reality
& realize you have six hours of accounting homework to catch up on

oh well I can't complain too much ; )
i hope everyone had a beautiful weekend

by the way..
 has anyone ever heard of the planking/lying down game?!
and what in the world is the point of this bizarre craze?



  1. Where is that?? SO pretty!!!

  2. euniece these pics are beautiful! i love hikes like that. where was this??

  3. Please disclose the location! The photos are gorgeous!!! I don't think I could possibly come back to reality after that!

  4. Oh my goodness this place looks awesome!! The pictures are just gorgeous.

  5. at least you were carefree in the moment! that makes up for it, kinda - right?

  6. My goodness, what a gorgeous weekend you had! I wish I was there!

    And yes, I've seen that whole planking thing. Not sure what the point of it is, although I do find it kind of funny.

  7. the point is to promote peace. yep. not lying.
    now tell me of this magical place!

  8. thanks for all of the comments!!!! and this was at a gorgeous place called Glen Onoko in Jim Thorpe, PA! if you are ever in the area - do yourself a favor: visit me AND GO HERE!

  9. This looks absolutely beautiful! If I'm ever in PA, I'm totally going there!

  10. Can we make a trip together when I am home? :)

  11. sitting in an office for the whole day makes me so much want to stand under a waterfall like it! Great shots and adventures!