Sunday, March 27, 2011

there's always tomorrow

I'm a list girl.
Before I go to bed, I always make a list of things I need to do for the next day.
Friday night, I made my list, which consisted of nonstop studying.
Saturday morning, I woke up, opened the blinds, and the sun was just way too pretty to pass up.
So I threw out my list, got dressed, and had a me day.
Because I can! & I know one day I won't be able to just get up and go when I please, one day there just may be little ones. [not for a long time though, so no worries mom! I have plenty of 'me days' ahead] 
Naturally the first thing I wanted to do on my 'me day' was eat! Go figure! So I treated myself to lunch at Whole Foods.
 This sandwhich was the perfect combination of sweet honey turkey melt with a soft doughy salty bread to hold it all together. 
Oh yea, did I mention dessert isn't just for after dinner?
After eating half of my sandwhich I decided to save the rest for later
 Wish I could say the same for my jumble cookie. I tore my cookie in half, in hopes of having a treat for later.. but somehow the cookie monster got a hold of me, and the cookie was no more.

 I then decided to take myself to Anthropologie because hey, it was a beautiful day and I had nothing holding me back!
Here are some of my fav finds!
 This is probably the best smelling candle/spray ever! & I am not just saying that because my last name is Santiago!
 & I picked up this book that my mom 'needed' to have.  Gosh I'm a sweet daughter. 
They always decorate the store so cool.
Upon leaving my fab day at Bakery Square, this bunny was waiting for me looking oh so sad.  If only I would have saved half of my cookie, I'm sure that would have cheered him up!
I ended the gorgeous day with a run and was tempted to bring my camera along for some pictures of the pretty blooming trails, but decided to simply just run.

Sometimes it's good to just have a simple kind of day and enjoy everything around you. Because the way I see it, there's always tomorrow.

: )


  1. I'm glad you got to enjoy the sunny day-it is always a mood booster!

  2. I love a good "me day" and I'm glad you took one for yourself!!!! =) Anthro and WF? sounds like perfection to me! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! Good for you for taking a day for yourself, Whole Foods and Anthropologie, yes please. Haha that bunny is hilarious :-)

  4. That bunny is hilarious! Tell me that is next years halloween costume.

  5. you are such a little hipster

  6. That sandwich looks so good and oh that cookie looks delicious. I really like the necklace and purse!