Friday, March 25, 2011

Calories, Shmalories

I dont know how many calories were in my breakfast, and
I would rather not know.
Because honestly, nothing is better than chocolate for breakfast
And I might as well take advantage of my metabolism now.. right?  I mean it's not like I eat this for breakfast everyday...
Within ten minutes of ordering and patiently waiting, two crepe like creations straight from heaven appeared in front of me. The pancakes were very thin and buttery with crisp edges filled with bananas, slowly melting chocolate chips and whipped cream.  Yes, I ate them both.  No, I'm not ashamed.  And for the record, these pictures almost didn't make it, my eyes almost inhaled the plate as they were placed on the table.

 If you ever are in Pittsburgh, you know where you should be.  Don't deny yourself. You only live once, and whats a little bit of buttery chocolate wonder every now and then?! ; )


  1. I love this post because it is all about allowing yourself to enjoy something delicious. I have trouble with this but you've inspired me!! looking forward to reading more,

  2. They look soooo good. I so enjoy your blog, Niecy! I'm getting a visual tour of Pttsburgh through it as well.

  3. Those look...AMAZING!!! I eat a lot of stuff with the "you only live once" mantra and NEVER regret it :-)

  4. Heck yeah! There is always room for delicious food! Especially if you have a fast metabolism :)

  5. Right there with you, I would rather not know! We are going to Pamela's tomorrow so when I read this I freaked out and told my friend "Looooook, this girl is talking about Pamela's!" I'm drooling over the pics.

    I know this is late notice but two other Pgh bloggers and I are meeting up at Noon @ South Side for lunch if you wanna come. I forgot you were in Pgh, this is what happens when you get old. Anywho, email me if you can come :)

  6. Will you PLEASE go there again, order that exact meal, and send it to me? ;) I NEED that breakfast!!!! :D
    And I completely agree that you only live once and there's no sense in denying yourself what you want (especially when it involves chocolate :)

  7. Never regret something that has chocolate in it :)
    GOOD choice girl, good choice!