Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Although today may not be the sunniest day

my nails sure are!
Ring: From Hawaii Courtesy of my Lola (grandma)
Wallet: First gift my dad ever got my mom,
 that I thought should be handed down to me
Nails: NYC Spring Street

Just wanted to share my love for my new nail polish color that is deemed 'so in' for this season!

What's your fav color right now?!


  1. Loving your polish color and your ring!


  2. That color is snazzy and I need that ring in my life :)

    Hope you enjoy Bee Hive and Fat Heads!!

  3. LOVE that ring!! I have a bracelet from Hawaii that has similar-colored stones on it.

    You've reminded me that I need (NEED!) to paint my nails. I may go look for your polish color. :-)

  4. omg i love that ring!!

    that color is similar to the one i got a couple of weeks ago - love it!

  5. I haven't painted my nails in ages! I need to add it to my to do list. I'm loving spring tones of green, orange, and yellow. They just make me so happy. They remind me of citrus fruits too..

  6. Gorgeous color =) I have "You Dont Know Jacques" from OPI on my toes. my nails are neutral and boring. lol =) time for a change eh?

  7. love it! i found an old del sol nail polish under my sink. changes color in he sunlight which i am patiently waiting for with all this rain!

  8. That ring is fab! Right now I'm diggin' lime green. Not for my nails, just in general. I went to Pitt for grad school. Loved it and really miss living in Pgh!