Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday

Hello loves. Its that day of the week. Yes, you know, that day you wait for oh so patiently! FRIDAY!!! I am so excited for this weekend.  Because:
 (( ^ this is me saying great day to you all ^ ))

1) I get to watch Ellen today since I dont have classes today, any day I get to watch Ellen <3 is good thing, because  laughing = ab workout for the day
 2) I get to shake my booty at another formal I got invited to in downtown Pittsburgh! YAY for playing dress up
3) I get to go to the famous Fat Heads this Sunday and tempt you all with a mouthwatering post including a delicious juicy burger and possibly a milk shake from the milk shake factory if I am feeling crazy!!! &
4) I love my outfit, and any day I love my outfit is a good day : )

Enjoy my super professional photoshoot.

Cropped Sweater: Heritage - $7.90
Skirt and Belt: Forever 21 - $14.80
Boots: Macy's - $30 <-- Super Score
Purse: Urban Outfitters - Courtesy of Santa Clause

 Can we say woohoo for skirts with pockets!!!
 This is my 'I'm a huge goober face and am super happy because I am having a good messy hair day'!!



  1. You're wknd sounds like so much fun. I wanted a shake from the Milk Shake Factory but was too full so I shall live through you!

    Have fun --I miss formals!!

  2. hopefully i'll be able to save room for some dessert!!!! ;) ... i dont think it should be a problem though!!!

  3. You're so pretty and I absolutely adore your outfit :) Urban, Heritage, and Forever 21 are the best.
    Sounds like your weekend is going to be awesome! Have fun at the formal and please to take pictures of your milkshake and burger so you can share the deliciousness!

  4. You better get that shake!!
    You are BEAUTIFUL!
    That looks like a professional photo shoot to me :) You should sign up for modeling!

  5. Niecy, I am so proud of you for doing this blog, and I am so glad I pushed you to do so!!! Miss you best friend see you in four weeks <3<3

  6. Great outfit!! Those were some good poses :)