Saturday, February 5, 2011

If it's wrong, then I don't want to be right

The reason I left you all off with a picture of me looking all spiffy and business professional was because for the past two weeks I have been rushing for a business fraternity at my school.  And.... good news.... I received an invitation from Delta Sigma Pi to become an official pledge, but after two weeks of meeting the brothers, going to events, interviewing, etc., I realized it wasn't for me. Just kidding!!! I quickly accepted the invitation, danced in my room a little bit, called everyone I know, and now I get to (have to) wear this pin everywhere I go.  Unfortunately for me, remembering to put it on is quite a problem because, it somehow just manages to stay on the shirt I had on the day before, not good at all!!!  So since I have now become a pledge, I decided "Well, I guess it's time to go to the mall and purchase some more business attire"... fail.  I did score some ridiculously cute stuff though!  Not to mention some precious nude heels that cost, ahem, fourteen dollars and fifty cents!  Crazy, yes, cute, yes, cheap, yes, shoe-icide, maybe, will my feet hate me by the end of the day, most likely, yes, but hey if buying shoes for fourteen dollars is wrong, then I don't want to be right!!!


  1. Hey! So glad you stopped by my blog! I Love those heels! So hot! I have a couple pairs lie that in grey and blue!

    So awesome you go to PITT! Are you from Pittsburgh originally, Im from canonsburg, which is 25 min south of pittsburgh, was born and raised there! So pittsburgh is special to me ! My fiance went to PITT for Law, and we are getting married at Heinz Chapel in June ; ) so cool to see your pics from the campus you had, makes me miss home : )

    Have a great day girl! thanks for coming to my blog! : )

  2. I LOVE those heels!! So freaking sexy! I need to go shoe shopping badly. Good luck with the pledging! ;)

  3. Those heels are beautiful! I could never walk in them, but I like to look at them :)