Tuesday, February 8, 2011

because, there's only so many trees

hello hello hello! So every morning the first thing I do is turn on my Keurig, coffee first of course.  On this particular morning, I opened my drawer in horror, realizing that I had no more styrofoam cups left! Can you imagine Euniece without coffee, yikes not good!  I then quickly got dressed, hoping to make it to the nearest coffee shop before classes started and as I was about to order a large coffee, I noticed a cute quote on a mug that read "This is more than just coffee, this is fewer paper cups".  Like a sucker, I bought it because of the cute quote, but then rationalized and thought, hey I'm doing a good thing for my planet.  So from now on I am (attempting) to only drink out of reusable coffee mugs.  A girls got to start somewhere right?

Onto more imporant other things, food:
For lunch had an hearty fresh salad which consisted of tofu, feta, beans, tomatoes, some pasta, and lots of greens of course!

I snacked on some hairy edamame : )

Ran for 6 miles in the wet melting snow, and then made a lovely wet track of mud into my room.
I know, Iknow... I should probably untie my shoes before taking them off...

And now I'm off to a hot steamy date with these two beauties...

How do you try to be environmentally friendly.. && am I the only one who thinks it is weird that edamame is hairy??


  1. edamame is so good! But yes hairy, lol! I love it!!!

    I hope you had a great day girl! Have a good night studying! : )

  2. I use all plastic bottles.. I love the Contigo bottles, for both hot and cold. They have them at target... Another blogger posted about her love of them. Now I'm addicted.

    I can't believe you ran this morning! I didn't even want to walk to the 'T'

  3. Thank you for helping to save our planet.

  4. I think edamame is hairy too :) I have been buying the shelled version (probably a rip off) lately though.

    You ran in the snow!? Good for you! I don't even like walking outside in it..

  5. I love my keurig, but we've bought so many different flavors that we're no where near running out.

    My favorite way to be good to the environment is buy local produce during the spring, winter, and fall. Nothing tastes better than fresh berries from your neighbors!

  6. thanks for visiting my blog. I just discovered yours, I can't believe how much we have in common. runner-check, yoga-check, healthy eats-check. It's like I know you. Good luck during your mini-training, I'm in training too.

  7. I use reusable bottles all the time. I cringe when I see someone drinking out a plastic bottle!

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  9. I use bpa free reusable bottles, try to use natural and eco products, use as little detergent as humanly possible (natural ones at that!) annnd... reduce.. reuse.. recycle! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons