Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2pm Afternoons

I love college.  Why, you ask... Because my afternoons are spent in the best way possible, and I am going to relish them for every peaceful second that they are worth; because one day, I'll look at the clock, and it'll be two in the afternoon and I'll be in an office reminiscing about my slow lovely afternoons spent in my cozy apartment with my coffee in hand. 
I will remember how I was done with classes by 12:30 on Monday's and Wednesday's and how I came home, played with the pretty little Chloe, drank some coffee, watched 'The Chew' while eating hummus and everything bagel chips and maybe ate a few entire box dark chocolate covered almonds.  
 Then I will remember how I always ventured off to my lovely white room and lit my favorite candle, while I looked at my Runner's World Quote of the month and contemplated whether I should go for a run or study Management Information Systems.  But instead I'd do the studious thing, open my book, read a page, close the book, knit a few rows while I think about what I just read, but instead happen to crash into my cozy sea of white fluffy blankets and 'think about it' for a few minutes. 
These are the tough stressful moments that I will be dreaming about while working next year.  Tough life I live. What's a girl to do.
What's you're two pm like?


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  1. My 2 pm is not as relaxing as yours! its usually spent trying to keep my eyes open while I talk to customers or do some marketing shenanigans in excel or online:) doesn't quite compare to petting chloe.