Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not all who wander are lost

I am the type of person that always needs an agenda.  I like to know what I am doing, where I am going, what time I'm leaving, how long I am staying etc etc etc. But yesterday, the day I had planned out for myself turned into me wandering around Barcelona and stumbling across some wonderful things. Sometimes not having an agenda is good, really good.
Hoffmans: The best croissant I have ever tasted was purchased here.
Sorry, no picture - after the first taste I inhaled it.
Apparently there is nothing, that you can't find in this market.
 After visiting, I can attest to this.
I didn't know what this place was until I walked in.  What was it, you wonder? A mall! My heart sung, I felt at home for the first time since I left America.
After walking for miles and miles, 
I settled on this view of Barcelona while sitting on the dock. 
Beautiful ending, to a beautiful day.


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  1. beautiful beautiful photos! <3 roomie and freaky (jk freaky isn't here thank god)