Tuesday, October 25, 2011

professional runner girl

once upon a time there was a happy little girl,
who loved to run.
not to stay in shape, but to stay sane
because while everyone was asking her questions she didn't have the answers to
the silence of the wooded trails brought her back to reality every time.
she didn't know what she wanted to be when she grew up
nor did she know where she wanted to work
or how much she was going to make for that matter,
but the reality is - none of it really matters,
unless you're happy, doing what you love.
and i do love to run.

i guess what im getting at is,
im dropping out of school to become a full time runner.
just kidding mom.

if you could have a full time job doing anything you wanted to do, what would you be doing?



  1. Be your roommate. duh.

  2. I'm so glad you run because you love it! That's truly wonderful to have such a strong passion!

    Hmm... I would make jewelry, train horses, draw/paint pictures, rescue animals, teach high school chemistry... boy I would be busy ;)

  3. Girly, your blog makes me feel like picking up running again and I hate running...lol. I'm more of a zumba girl. As for your question at the end, I think i would pack traveling the world.

  4. ha - wouldnt that be great if we could just run for a job??

    i would travel!