Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Do It

Working as a marketing intern has taught me a lot this week. 
1. If I am ever going to commute to NYC from home one day, I definately want to invest in a Porsche 911 twin turbo Black Edition [you can tell I haven't given that car much thought] because sitting in traffic is no fun
2. Watch your feet (I broke the computer on my second day, I didn't notice they put the hard drive right next to my feet and when I went to roll away on my spinny chair, it toppled over, Euniece = super embarassed)
3. "Only two things are certain in life, taxes and death" - my overly optimistic boss : )
4. Even though I am super tired after work and the last thing I want to think about is running, let alone running a race, sometimes you have to suck it up and just do it, because you just might get second place overall female in a 5k.. it had to be my lucky hot pink zebra shorts
5. Work hard --> play hard, friday friday gotta get down on friday
my week in photos <3

How do you balance your work, fitness, life routine???
Hope you all had a lovely week xoxo



  1. Nice job on the second place woman overall in the 5k!
    And a Porsche for me too, please!

  2. Eunice my new dream is NYC and I have been applying to jobs there for the past 2 weeks - let's commute together in that hot new dream rise of yours haha. Ps great job on your 5k - next time you have a race - I want to come watch you!!! ...If it's open to public haha <3

  3. I spelled your name wrong - it's my iPhones fault ...not mine hahaha

  4. Congrats on getting second place!! That is awesome :)

  5. Take the train from NYC! I cannot stand the traffic so I just hop on that :)
    Awesome job on scoring 2nd place! Maybe you could just run home next time? haha

  6. Haha I must say thank you for getting that song stuck in my head :-)

    I fricken love those shorts, they definitely made you run fast.

  7. I need your attitude! I'm always way too tired and lazy to go running after work, so I never do it (though I have a brand new pair of fabulous-looking sneaks that I'm wanting to get use out of).

    Ha, I love your boss's quote!

  8. 2nd place?! Girl you are so speedy. Congratulations!!! Did you get a cool prize or anything? I won 2nd place female overall once and I got a gift certificate for a car wash, yet at the time I didn't have my license yet so that was a major fail.
    Your boss sure is optimistic, haha.

  9. Congrats on 2nd place girly!!! Life is all about balance so I try to make time for everything. It really helps when I stick to a routine.