Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home is where your family is

This past weekend was spent with my family who came to visit from Illinois and Atlanta.  I came home with the intentions of eating home cooked meals, spending some quality time with family as well as my quantitative methods book for my final this Wednesday...at least the first two parts were met! This weekend we went to this amazing Mexican Restaurant where we ordered pretty much the entire menu:

 Rollos Acapulco
 My sister says that I  "never take pictures of her food" so this one is for Ava
 Then came dessert, and yes we did order three out of the four desserts on the menu
He knows whats up
Home is where your family is, &
Life is certainly good.

Needless to say I'm back at Pitt and the countdown begins:
1 day until my last final
2 days until I am home for good
4 days until I load up on carbs [pizza]
5 days until my half marathon
6 days until I do absolutely NOTHING : )

I need to start making a list of my summer plans, but this year, I am going to do them! What are your summer plans?  I am thinking, running obviously, going to the Ring Dance, experiementing in the kitchen more and posting recipes more often, going to the beach for the weekend, CAMPING because I have never been, NYC trip, mountain biking,  etcetcetc still thinking....

Have a lovely Tuesday


  1. What's Ring Dance?

  2. Def go camping!! You are so close to being done - Yay!

  3. Hmmm...My list
    Yoga outside
    Rock Climbing
    Bike Race/cycling
    running my buns off
    Weekends at the Lake

    I expect you to join me in Many of these! :)
    goodluck with your finals! xo

  4. Oh my word everything looks absolutely delish!