Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking it all in

Do you know that person that just seems to be so good at everything? That one person that can just pick something up and automatically become an expert at it.  For me, that would be Sam, my best friend since fifth grade. Jealous? Not a bit, it's not like I have been practicing for five years or anything ; )
Since we are both training for the half marathon this May1st (his first time, my second) we decided to go for a run.  It was perfect 50 degree weather, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

So we ran for while
Raced up some long curvey hills..
 Then we got to the top and took it all in
&& practiced some sweet yoga moves

But since I didn't want to be escorted to the hospital, I decided to go with an easier pose

 Then I refueled with a big bowl of oats and fresh fruit!

I really wanted some coffee to add to this but I had an appointment for laser teeth whitening and figured it would be best not to stain my teeth even more.  And just a word to the wise, anyone in their right mind who gets that done is absolutely crazy.  It is so painful. I was practically holding my jaw the entire day, although that didn't help one little bit. I must like pain, considering I have done it before.
But to end my day on a goodd note I ate some chinese and opened up some joy...

Do you believe in fortunes coming true?!?
&& is Taylor too much to ask for??


  1. taylor lautner is beautiful. that last picture juuuust made my night ;) heehee.

    that pic of you doing yoga is super badass though!!! i'm impressed :)


  2. you take the coolest pictures!!! And props to you on that pose... i def couldn't do that haha

  3. I heard that getting your teeth whitened was absolutely painful!!
    That picture of you doing the yoga pose is AWESOME!!!

  4. Love the photographs! I couldn't even hold the yoga pose that you're holding standing on the ground, so the fact that you can balance up on that ledge is pretty cool to me!

    Taylor Lautner has abs that were chiseled by Leonardo Davinci.

  5. Niecy, I am inspired by your committment to living a healthy lifestyle. My sister has been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and it completely settled and balanced her life. I'm so glad you are happy and content. You are a beautful person and I love how you have opened your mind to discovering something new everyday. These photos are quite lovely.

    Wishing you many blessings on your life's journey.

  6. HAHA Taylor Lautner!! Funny!! :D

    That looks so BEAUTIFUL! And that's an easy yoga move?! I don't think I can do that!! :P

  7. Awesome photos! The black and white one of you doing yoga on a deck rail is superb!

  8. Ohmygosh these are the COOLEST photos!!! I want to do fun poses toooo! =) haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. So perfect! A run followed by it! :) P.S. I agree with everyone that your photos are incredible!!