Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love being home because...

I eat hills for breakfast.
Then I eat these, because I have the best mom in the world who makes delicious whole wheat banana&blueberry pancakes.

I get to play lego's with the most handsome little man in the world 
 I can eat all the chocolate mousse dome cake my little heart desires, good choice Jake : )
I can run with my most favorite running partner in the universe, my mom <3
I get to run in 50 degree weather filled with beautiful hills, blue skies, and best of all I get to see two skunks consumating their Valentines Day love. gross
 Yumm! Logan loves smelly Brookes!! 

What's your favorite part of being home?!


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! The first one is so funny. That's the right attitude!

    I have been craving chocolate cake like crazy so I'm totally jealous of the chocolate dome!

  2. HAHA about the skunks!!
    Did you make the chocolate dome cake?
    Your little brother is a cutie!
    My favorite part of being home (florida) is the beach, palm trees and warm weather all year long!

  3. Hooonestly it's having my kitchen and my dogs ;) teehee. but i love the fam too! and not having to shower with shower shoes... ahhh dorm life ;)


  4. no i didn't make the dome cake! i wish i did!! although it may not have come out as delicious ;)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) The picture of the skunks is too funny....but kinda nasty....but still funny!

    Home for me is Florida so naturally going to the beach is my favorite part. I miss living 10 mins from the beach.

    PS-Saw you go to Pitt, thats awesome.Pittsburgh is one of the cities I am looking at for moving to!