Thursday, January 20, 2011

If only I had a kitchen...

Ah, Jenna's pictures from steal my heart once again.  How delicious do these yogi bars look?!  My favorite part is that they are simple wholesome ingredients and the dark chocolate of course!!! I cannot wait for summer so I can finally have kitchen to use and experiment in, because my college dorm kitchen only consists of my Keurig, a microwave, toaster, and a refrigerator!! Any suggestions for nutritious college dorm room solutions with my lack of a kitchen?!


  1. Suggestion
    Since you dont have a kitchen.
    Greek yogurt mix in some granola/berries because its tangy to begin with...Great healthy snack or for desert, throw in some dark chocolate and peanuts, can you say mmmm!
    Also I like to make this when I get hungry at night. One piece of toast, coat it with peanut butter(chunky is best) and then thinnly slice a banana ontop of the peanut but, that with a glass of milk is delish! let me know what you think

  2. aw thanks for the suggestion sam!! i love greek yogurt with honey mixed in!! i've never tried dark chocolate..sounds absolutely delicious. ps chunky peanut butter is my absolute favorite!! thanks for the input :) cant wait for ur video!!