Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

This week is just flying by!  I've been so busy with school work, basketball games, yoga, and rush week for Pitt's Business Fraternity!  I am loving every single minute of it though!  Today I already got in two hours of some hot and steamy ashtanga yoga then later I have my two hour long self defense class with the legendary Curtis Smith (Billy Blank's right hand man in all of his Tae Bo videos)!  Hey a girl's gotta know how to defend herself right?!  Surprinsingly the self defense class is much more rigorous than I expected it to be.  Who knew punching and kicking a punching bag was so much work, not to mention jump roping!! No one is going to be able to mess with me after this semester!! I hope everyone's week is going well, don't worry friday is just around the corner : )

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  1. I took a self defense class once it was great! that bottle cap picture by the way, its really pretty :)