Friday, April 6, 2012

The dirty truth about Paris

Before I went to Paris, I pictured some whimsically romantic place full of happy people with love in their eyes, men in berets saying oh la la, clean sparkly streets to walk on while carrying a soft freshly baked french baguette, and the sweet smell of decadent pastries filling the air around me.  But I guess the movies got the best of me.
Van Gogh Self Portrait
Truth is:
Paris is dirty, very dirty.
Paris is crowded.
Paris is huge,
therefore making it impossible to walk anywhere without getting there a day later.
Parisians are friendly, at least the ones I came into contact with. Although when you walk onto the metro, it looks like they hate their life.
The Eiffel Tower is cool, but smaller than I could have ever imagined.
Paris smells more terrible than terrible.
Paris has long lines.
But Paris has incredible food, hence why there are no food pictures.
Sometimes I just can't be patient enough to take a picture of my crepe when it just wants to belong in my belly. Sometimes I just want to eat the chocolate creamy pastry the size of my head, all in one sitting. Sometimes I just want to eat 20 pieces of their addicting soft baked french bread that they give at restaurants before I get my meal, even if it does fill me up to no end. Sometimes I just want to walk into every bakery and gawk at their chocolates, ├ęclairs, macaroons, and buttery croissants. And truth is, I did have the many pieces of bread, I did eat a pastry the size of my head for breakfast, and I did stop in every sweet smelling bakery along the way. And that in itself was worth the trip!

Au Revoir Paris, Buongiorno Firenze.


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