Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carnaval - Sitges, Spain

The entire last week all anyone was talking about was the celebration of Carnaval in Sitges, Spain.  Apparently it is something you have to experience at least one time in your life, which I now realize is so true.
But since my midterms were this week, I never really even planned on going because I thought it would be a better idea to study.  But after some convincing from a friend of mine, I realized:
1. My classes all are pass/fail here, so my grades don't matter (as long as I pass)
2. How often does an opportunity to travel to Sitges for Carnaval come around ?
3. You only live once
4. Studying < Getting dressed up and parading around in a mask
So off Maggie and I went, with a party travel bus to Sitges, Spain, where the amount of glitter, drag queens, and dancing is limitless.

It is so true when they said that this is something you have to experience, although I was 'out of commission' the entire next day, it was definitely worth it.  Carnaval was one of the craziest nights, the things I saw were indescribable, not to mention I don't think there is anyone that can party like drag queens can!


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