Friday, April 15, 2011

Any day that I am too busy to run, is a day that I am too busy

There is something about running that no non-runner can ever understand
Despite all of the pain, time, and energy our body goes through, there is still that next day that keeps calling us back for more, and we respond to it by getting our shoes on again and hitting the road. 
Because we are runners and that's what we do
As difficult as it may be to get myself motivated to go for a run, at the end of the day if I missed my run I feel a sense of guilt, like I missed my 'me time' with the world.
Yesterday it was a beautiful 73 degree sunny day in Pittsburgh, everyone was laying out on the grass, throwing footballs, studying, listening to music, just enjoying life, as was I, [& the last thing I wanted to do was get up from relaxing], but as I was looking through my planner I noticed May 1st.... Then I noticed yesterday's date was April 14th...
Needless to say, I got up and ran. With only two weeks before my next half marathon I knew I couldn't waste a day not getting some kind of exercise in! Because I do not want a repeat of last year. ouch [I'll save that story for another post]

So I decided to do a speed work out yesterday and while I was running my 800s I got that feeling
That feeling of nervousness, you know, the one you get before a race.
I hate that feeling.
But I find myself signing up for races, time and time again : )
And now that I am in college and don't compete for a team anymore I still find the butterflies coming into my stomach. But the races keep coming because when a group of over a thousand people come together to do what they love, it is just the most empowering thing, and the stories you hear as you are running, simply remind you why you started in the first place. free pink ribbon bagels from panera, just kidding! kinda

 Last year after my first half marathon... I was in serious PAIN in this picture... and to top it off my mother beat me.

Do you like to race?
Favorite Distance?!!?
If so you know that feeling I am talking about!
What do you do to keep calm and carry on?


  1. that's gangster

  2. I did a 9 mile lake run yesterday, it was so beatuiful out!! Hope your run went well! so soon, we got this!

  3. super well behaved


  5. Cant wait to do a slowww motion long run with you this weekend! Goodluck with finals

  6. thanks sammy!!! it'll be nice to run and catch up! HAPPY STUDYING

  7. Yay for finding your blog!
    I think my favorite distance is half marathon but I'm signed up for my first marathon so maybe that distance will win me over!

  8. I haven't raced since my high school cross country days, but am looking to run a 10 k or half marathon next fall. I had a pelvic injury from over-training a year ago, which prevented me from running for 10 months or so. Since then, I've learned tons about smart training and moderation...Now I'm slowly reintroducing runs into my workouts and it feels SO good!

    I definitely know that pre-race feeling! I don't like it either, but it definitely gives me energy and amps me up to run!

  9. i want to do a half marathon! I've only done 5k's but i love how the energy is with everyone hyped up.

  10. I love racing and totally know what you mean by the huge butterflies you get before the race starts! I get sooo worked up for my xc and track races it's crazy (but with fun races like a thanksgiving 10k, I don't get worried at all!)

  11. looking good girl friend!! love that pic of you and gabby haha

  12. Love the running pictures!!! I hate that nervous-before a competition feeling. It makes me sick (I used to play soccer in high school, it was terrifying haha)