Monday, January 17, 2011

Currently loving...and attempting..

Thank goodness for David Swenson, the yogi master of all time! What is a poor college student to do when the prices of joining a yoga studio are $90+ a month around Pittsburgh! Ay vay, can we say student discounts anyone?! Luckily for me David Swenson seems to save the day, every day.  Although practicing yoga isn't nearly the same with a DVD as it is back at home at the Fitness Plaza, it is pretty much my only choice as of now, so practice the first series I will!  I began using his first DVD called ‘The Practice’ which works up to a 45 minute routine (great if you don't have much time), later this summer I began using his ‘First Series’ DVD.  I have to say while I have been practicing yoga for four years now, this 2 hour DVD still presents a quite a challenge with some of the poses, take it backs, and plentiful vinyasas.  If you are new to yoga I highly recommend beginning with ‘Ashtanga The Practice’ by David and if you feel you are ready for the next level go for the First Series and I assure you a fantastic workout.  It is said from a fellow yoga instructor that some may never be able to pass the first series, but practice makes perfect right!? For those finding the first series simply too easy (hats off to you) there is a second and third series out there too, maybe that will be a goal of mine to start before I graduate.  But one foot in front of the other at a time!  First I must grasp jumping back and jumping forward.  Here is a great tutorial on how to do it, although as many times as I watch it my body just won't cooperate with me, maybe the more I watch it'll get the message? 
What are your current workout/fitness goals? 

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  1. Practice makes perfect! Well I actually don't find this true with yoga but I always learn something from each practice! Keep at it girl