Saturday, January 22, 2011


"I focus my eyes on my jade bracelet.  All these years and for all the years after I die, it will remain unchanged.  It will always be hard and cold – just a piece of stone.  yet for me it is an object that ties me to the past, to people and places that are gone forever.  Its continued perfection serves as a physical reminder to keep living, to look to the future, to cherish what I have.  It reminds me to endure."Lisa See (Shanghai Girls)
So, one of my news years resolutions was to take some time out of my day and read more.  I absolutely love love love to read.  Reading a book just completely takes you away to another place, it puts you right then and there in that persons life and the beauty of it, is you can enter their world whenever you want, wherever you want!  I just finished reading a novel called Shanghai Girls, about two Japanese sisters and their , and their journey from war torn Shanghai in the 1930's to Angel Island, and most importantly the bond they shared amidst all of the chaos.  It was such a powerful and emotionally difficult novel to read, but none the less is highly recomended.  Lisa See, the author, is truly able to vividly  take you along their every experience and pull your emotional ties in so closely that you begin to feel the pain the girls go through!  I read it so fast, that I turned the page a few hours later and it was over!  I was so confused and lost and upset and emotionally, I had the feeling like how could it end right then and there!! Don't you just hate it when that happens!!! Hopefully there is a sequal coming out soon.  But to distract my mind from wondering what happens next, I began reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris".  So far, I have only read a few pages, but upon excellent reviews I'll be sure to eat this one up right away and fill you all in soon!!! 
What are you reading right now?!!?
By the way... how lovely would it be to be reading in one of these?!  Oh well, maybe in a few more months when the weather is warm I'll look into investing in one, until then its looking out the window to the snowy city of Pittsburgh!!  Happy reading everyone : )

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